North Vancouver
Fencing Club


How To Start Fencing

Fact: Fencing is awesome. You have already made a very wise decision by looking into giving fencing a try. It is pretty much the best sport ever. It's basically a videogame that instead of getting fat by playing, you get fit. Many of the same skills required for success at games apply directly to the mental and hand-eye aspects of fencing.

Were To Start Fencing
At present, the North Vancouver Fencing Club is not running any beginner classes. However, we strongly recommend the North Vancouver Recreation Commission introductory fencing classes coached by Mr. Brett Lapyere on Saturdays at Seylynn Hall.

Club members regularly attend these classes, so you'll be bound to see us there. We can even help you get better and quickly good enough to move up!

Registration for the program can be done though the NVRec's eReg system, under Sports. Or contact them via phone at, 604-987-7529.


If you want to simply check fencing out, just drop by on one of our two practice days. We will show you the weapons and answer any questions you may have. You will be able to watch some electric epee, sabre and foil. At the moment, we do not have any beginner classes; however, if you are extra-keen on joining this our club, anyone is free to join and fence at whatever level they can. But know, that the fundamentals are very important in fencing, and if you want to jump into fencing full-bore it is highly recommened that you do both the introductory class on Saturday's AND club practices.

Fencing Equipment
While the RecCentre beginner program does provide fencing equipment, your own gear is required for club. Feel free to ask about what kind of equipment you should look to get on our Facebook Group, or ask our coach. Introductory equipment is avaliable from many places, including:

Fencing Eqiupment of Canada, Calgary AB
Absolute Fencing, USA
Allstar Fencing, USA
Leon Paul, USA
Our Coach, Zbigniew Pietrusinski - (Allstar Fencing Equipment) sells fencing equipment (and you can avoid those pesky shipping and border fees).